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Rotary Slasher (Lawn Mower)

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Rotary Slaser / Stub-Cutter / Grass-Cutter (Lawn Mower) The grass cutter Mower Horizontal slashing is the most versatile method of grass cutting. Rotary slasher is powerful enough to cope with tall weeds and small bushes, yet giving a satisfactory fine cut on turf areas mounted with front and rear rollers, scalping is minimal. Tractor-mounted rotary slasher, grass slasher provide a very cost-effective grass cutting solution. RHINO rotary slasher is one of the best machine in itself for cutting unwanted wild grass.
(i)  Designed for fast application to any type of 50-80 HP tractor with three point linkage.
(ii) A special machine for mowing grass on lawns or field.
(iii) Tractor Driven suitable fo P.T.O. 540 r.p.m.
(iv) Rotary slasher and grass slasher having reversible steel blades for cutting wild grass, shrubs, weeds, sugar cane stacks, etc.
(v) Cutting width: approx 6 feet or 8 feet.
(vi) Height adjustment: 1"-8"
1 BEAR BOX SingleSpeed 540 r.p.m. Single speed 540 r.p.m
2 SHEET 10 Gauge 10 Gauge
3 MAIN FRAME 50x6 Angle 65X6 Angle
5 WHEEL 1 2
6 DEPTH CONTROL 1"-8" 1"-8"
7 TYRE DIA 12" 12"
8 BLADE Boron Steel Boron steel
9 P.T.O. With shear bolt With Shear bolt
10 LENGTH 1905 mm 2514 mm
11 WIDTH 1828 mm 2438 mm
12 CUTTING WIDTH 1750 mm 2360 mm
13 WEIGHT 328Kgs.(Approx.) 412Kgs.(Approx.)
*The weight and working data contained in the present leaflet are supplied for information only and are not binding.

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