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Mounted Disc Ridger (1 Row)

Manufacturer and exporter of seed drills, small seed drills, grass seed drills from India

(i) It can produce ridge with maximum width of 1000 mm.
(ii) Available in 2 bottoms & 4 bottoms to make one ridge & two ridge respectively.
(i) It has heavy duty box type frame.
(ii) High quality steel discs.
(iii) Size and depth of the ridge can be adjusted.
Model MDR1
No. of Discs 2
Disc diameter (x) thickness (mm) 660x6
Maximum width between ridges (mm) 1000
Working depth (mm) 330
Frame's width (mm) 1840
Approx. weight (Kgs.) 195
Required tractor power (HP) 35-40
*The weight and working data contained in the present leaflet are supplied for information only and are not binding.

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