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Data Logging Universal Handy Moisture Testing Machine

Universal Moisture Testing Machine

Data Logging Miniature Motor

Advanced Analysis KIT

Rice Sheller

Rice Polisher (with timer)

Rice Miller Mc Gill Type

Rice Sizing Device

Seed/Grain Divider-Booerner Type

Seed/Grain Precision Divider-Gamet Type

Grain Vernier

Seed Blower-Dacota Type

Paddy Cleaner/Grader

Laboratory Aspirator-Bates

Computerized Seed Counter

Hot Air Seed Dryer-Cabinet Type

Seed Germinator

Seed Sieve Shaker

Seed Riffle Type Divider-Soil Type

Field Moisture Testing Machine

Computerized Seed Counter

Manufacturer Exporter & Supplier Of Rice Polisher With Timer from india


- Fast & Accurate
- Fully Computerized programmable
- Alphanumeric LCD Display.
- Detachable pan.
- Microcontroller based.
- Computer/Printer attachment.
- Batch Setting.
- Speed Regulator.
- Membrane Keyboard.


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